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Election Information


  2024 is a Presidential Election year, which means you will soon be finding voter registration forms and absentee ballot request forms in your mailbox. These mailings are not from your municipal clerk, even though they may appear to be. They are sent by special interest groups and the prefilled voter information on the forms is often outrageously inaccurate. The fastest and easiest way to verify you are registered, the information is accurate, or request your absentee ballots, is to visit myvote.wi.gov

  Registration Online is Easy! Search for your record by entering your name and date of birth. Then click the “Update Name or Update Address” tab! Answer a few questions when you are prompted and myvote will provide you with the step by step instructions to get your registration completed fast and conveniently, right from home. Tip: Do not put any spaces or periods in your street address numbers, example – S43W31391 State Road 83

  If you have moved or experienced a change in name, or if you find information that is not accurate, you may update your registration online if your Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID is current. Keeping your voter registration current saves you time at the polls on Election Day!

  If you feel you will need to request an absentee ballot please do so early to be sure you allow enough time for the ballot to be sent to you and returned to the town BEFORE election day. Also make sure all information is filled out on your absentee ballot envelope prior to mailing back. You can also make your request for the absentee ballot on myvote.wi.gov. When making a request for Calendar Year Absentee Ballots be sure to wait until after January 1st 2024. If you have any questions contact Town Clerk Treasurer Meri Majeskie, 262-968-3656 or email merim@towngenesee.wi.gov